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Miscellaneous Software

Here are some various software programs I have created over time and just have never packaged into an actual release. If they are helpful to others, great.  Use them at your own risk.

  • advo.xsl - an XSLT stylesheet I wrote that takes the XML file for an Advogato diary and turns it into HTML. I use it to maintain a backup copy of my Advogato diary on my home server.
  • - I wrote this little python app in response to the OCLUG April 2001 "Programming Wars" described by Vic Gedris in this email.   It emulates the old DOS tree command that shows a text "tree" view of a directory tree. There are only two command-line options: '-s' to include size info and '-d' to show only directories. An example of the output is available.


Last modified: October 16, 2009