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makefaq is a Python program that creates a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list from a specially formatted text data file. For output, it can can generate either an HTML page, a text file, or a DocBook XML file.

January 28, 2009 - After basically five years of not really working on this project at all, I've decided to revive it a bit primarily as a way to learn about the git version control system and the github repository site. I will be honest and say that I don't know how many actual changes/improvements I'll be making to the code, but I will be making some changes purely to learn about using git.  If you have any requests for changes, please feel free to email me.

If you are a git user, the source code is available here: and the clone URL is:

(And if none of that made any sense to you, please just skip along down the page and download the source code directly from the links below.)

February 29, 2004 - Release 2.5 is now out with a minor change so that using it with Python 2.3 no longer generates a warning.

February 22, 2003 - FYI, based on: 1) feedback from a number of users who have indicated they are very happy with the current data file format and have no interest in having an XML data format; and 2) my own current lack of time to implement the XML interface, I'm going to put the plans to implement the XML data file format on hold for the moment.

Release 2.5
Release Date: February 29, 2004
Language: python
Stable Download: Preferred download location: makefaq-2.5.tgz (PGP sig) or (PGP sig)
Alternate download location: makefaq-2.5.tgz (PGP sig) or (PGP sig)
A Debian package for version 2.4 is also available (PGP sig). (The most recent version of the Debian package can be obtained directly from Michael Wiedmann's web site.)
Development Download: You can see the latest development edits in the CVS repository at  SourceForge.  (Note for past readers of this site: the 2.x branch was merged into the main branch as of March 2004.).
UPGRADE NOTE: See the UPGRADING file. Other changes can be found in the ChangeLog.

Note that version 2.0 introduced a new data file format with support for multi-line entries. The older 1.x data file format will NOT work by default. However, by adding the '-r 1' (for "revert") command-line option, the old style of data file format will work fine.
Modifications Necessary: You may need to change the path to where python is located, and you will need to change the data file and header and footer file to be appropriate for your site.
Usage: In the default configuration with no command-line options, the program will output an HTML file (faq.html) based on the contents of a data file (faq.dat), a header file (faqheader.html) and a footer file (faqfooter.html) in the same directory.

Type makefaq -h to see the full range of command-line options now available.
Description: This program creates an HTML or text Frequently-Asked Question page from a text file where each category, question and answer is defined.  An example is here. See below for other examples . 

There is the capability to generate both an HTML and text FAQ off of the same data file, as well as a range of configuration and command-line options.   View the README and INSTALL files for more information.
Bugs: If someone uses the special entities of either &lt; or &gt; to generate the < or > character, those entities are not stripped from the output when in text or screen mode.

NOTE: All bugs are now being tracked through SourceForge. Please enter any new bug reports there.
To Do: Ideas for further enhancements are now being tracked in the TODO file.
Author: Dan York,
Co-Author: Dave Seidel,, see also the CREDITS file for other acknowledgements.
License: GNU Public License

For those of you purely interested in the python code itself, it is available here. If you are a python developer and interested in the CVS repository, check the project page there for information about how to get the latest code.

If you like this software, consider sending a postcard.

If you do use the program to generate a publicly available FAQ page, please do send the URL to so that we can list it here as another example of the program in action.  Examples include:

If you would like previous versions of the software for some reason, they are listed below, along with their release date: Logo


What are the odds that two people interested in building FAQ's for web sites and interested in learning python would both reside in close geographical proximity to each other?  Amazingly, Dave and I both lived in New Hampshire, USA, and got to meet face-to-face at a talk Dave gave on PHP in February 2000 for the Seacoast (NH) Linux User Group (SLUG). A picture of the two of us is below. I (Dan) am on the left, Dave on the right... I think perhaps we'll institute a rule that any new contributors need to have a beard! (Just kidding...)

dandave.jpg (42570 bytes)(click on the image for a larger version)

Thank you for using makefaq.


Last modified: October 16, 2009