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Open Source/Free Software

In the course of our work, we occasionally develop scripts or programs that make our life easier.  In order to help other people out, we freely release these programs under the GNU Public License for others to download. Most of our software is developed on Linux and written in either Python or Perl.

At this time, the following software is available:

  • - a python script for generating an HTML page indexing all graphic files in a directory (designed out of frustration with all the JPEG files created by a Sony Mavica digital camera)
  • - a python program that generates a "Frequently-Asked Questions" HTML page from a text data file.
  • - a python program that allows you to view and track a portfolio of stocks.
  • docbook tools - some tools I find useful for working with DocBook
  • miscellaneous programs - a directory "tree" program and more to come

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Last modified: October 16, 2009