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DocBook Tools

DocBook is a version of SGML used for creating many types of documents within the Linux and free software community.  On this page I will be providing some tools that I use for working with DocBook.

  • docbook-4.1-2.noarch.rpm (55 Kb) - an RPM file that installs DocBook 4.1 into /usr/lib/sgml/docbook-4.1, puts some "readme" files into /usr/doc/docbook-4.1 and configures /usr/lib/sgml/CATALOG to work with DocBook 4.1. Also available as a source RPM.
  • vimrc (4 Kb) - my .vimrc file that has certain mappings that allow for the quick entry of DocBook tags into a file when editing with vim


Last modified: October 16, 2009