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On this page you will find a partial list of articles and columns that I have written for various print magazines and web sites.

UPDATE: Over time as I have been blogging more and more, the distinction of what should be featured here has diminished.  I would  direct you to my weblogs to see more recent writing.

Magazine / Website Articles

This is a list of some  examples:

Linux Gazette - Certification Series

From October 1998 through October 1999 I wrote a series of articles for the Linux Gazette that first explained why I thought there was a need for Linux certification, then went on to document the early stages of the development of the Linux Professional Institute.   Eventually, another volunteer named Ray Ferrari took over writing the series.

Linux Weekly News - Comdex Canada 1999

At Comdex Canada, July 14-16, 1999, in Toronto, Ontario, I acted as a reporter for Linux Weekly News and delivered these three reports (days 2 and 3 include links to pictures at the bottom):

It was a good bit of fun.

Enterprise Linux Magazine - "Standard Issue"

For a brief time in in 2000 and 2001 I contributed a regular column to Enterprise Linux Magazine focused on standards.  However, that magazine unfortunately ceased publication in March 2001 and for various reasons at the time I never sought a new home for the column.  I enjoyed the experience, though, and look forward to writing a regular column again at some point.

August 2000 Standards for Linux?
September 2000 Will Your Hardware Meet The Test?
A look at the Open Hardware Certification Program (OHCP)
October 2000 Documenting the Penguin
The Evolving Standards of Linux Documentation
November 2000 Standardizing the Penguin
The Role of the Linux Standard Base
December 2000 Certifying Your Backup
January 2001 Why We Need the LSB - And What You Can Do
February 2001 Developing Certification Exams, Part One:
How do you know what should go on the exam?
March 2001 Developing Certification Exams, Part Two:
Writing the questions


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