Technical Writing

Are you seeking assistance in developing courseware, writing documentation or authoring books?  If so, please contact Dan York at for more information about our technical writing services.

Examples of our past projects include:


User Manuals


Dan York has been the primary author of the following courseware:

  • Installation and Configuration of your e-smith server and gateway, developed for e-smith, inc., 2001
  • Introduction to the Palm III, developed for MicroSmart Technology Solutions, 1999
  • Troubleshooting the Ethernet LAN, co-developed with Kurt Hudson for Productivity Point International in conjunction with Fluke corporation, 1998
  • Navigating the World-Wide Web using the Netscape Navigator, 1996
  • Weaving the Web: An Introduction to HTML, developed for CIC Systems, 1994
  • Introduction to the Internet, developed for CIC Systems, 1993

Additionally, he has assisted through editing and developing portions of the following courseware:

  • Linux Networking, developed for Linuxcare, 2000
  • Linux System Administration, developed for Linuxcare, 1999
  • Linux for Executives, developed for Linuxcare, 1999
  • Solaris System Administration, developed for CIC Systems, 1995
  • Advanced Solaris System Administration, developed for CIC Systems, 1995

Magazine Articles

Dan has also written numerous articles for print publications. See the separate pages on articles and columns for a more complete listing.


Last modified: February 01, 2010