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1 Jan 2001 - THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN REPLACED AND IS NO LONGER BEING MAINTAINED. Please see imgindex for the updated version of this program (with greatly expanded options and now written in python).

Revision 0.2
Revision Date: December 20, 1999
Language: perl
Modifications Necessary: You may need to change the path to where perl is located, and may need to change the height and width of the <IMG> tag depending on the aspect ratio of your camera (see Description below).
Usage: The script generates an HTML file to standard output, so you will need to redirect output to a file, as in: > index.html
Description: This script was created out of frustration while using a Sony Mavica digital camera.   I wound up with all these floppies containing many files labeled simply MVC-001F.JPG, etc.  This script generates an index.html file (or whatever you name it), that puts all of the images in a 2-column table with the file name below the image. Clicking on the image will give you a larger version of the image.  Note that the script does not actually reduce the physical size of the image, it merely uses HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes in the <IMG> tag to instruct the browsers to display the images smaller.  It sets width to 320 pixels and height to 240 based on the fact that the Mavica takes 640x480 images.  With another camera you may need to adjust the images.
Author: Dan York,
License: GNU Public License
Bugs: It currently looks for uppercase ".JPG" files.  It ultimately should be case-insensitive.


Last modified: October 16, 2009