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Canadian Tulip Festival 2005 - Tulip Art Garden

As part the Art Festival portion of the Canadian Tulip Festival, I painted a 5-foot tulip for display in the Tulip Art Garden from May 5 - 23 at the Festival Plaza located in front of Ottawa's City Hall in the heart of downtown Ottawa. While the theme of the overall Tulip Festival is "Peace and Friendship", the Tulip Art Garden had as its theme the celebration of Ottawa's 150th anniversary. (Click on any of the images below to view a larger version.)

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The game pieces spell out words from Ottawa's history in English on one side and French on the other.

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I titled my tulip "Whimsy" and provided the following description in both official languages:

"Whimsy" celebrates Ottawa’s 150th in a playful manner. Words illustrate what makes Ottawa memorable while the two languages celebrate the city’s bilingualism. The dove and tulip symbolize peace, friendship and the history of tulips in Ottawa.

Lori York has been creating artwork for over 15 years and her paintings have been displayed in galleries in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Madrid, Ottawa, and exist in numerous private collections.

"Whimsy" se veut une célébration amusante du cent-cinquantième anniversaire d’Ottawa. Les mots illustrent ce qui rend Ottawa mémorable, les deux langues sont un hommage au bilinguisme de la ville. La colombe et la tulipe symbolisent la paix, l’amitié et l’histoire des tulipes.

Lori York fait de la création artistique depuis quinze ans. Ses oeuvres ont été exposées à San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Madrid et Ottawa et se retrouvent dans de nombreuses collections privées.

Postcards of my tulip as well as pieces of my artwork are on sale at the gallery at Festival Plaza until May 23rd.

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