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Lori York has been creating artwork for over 15 years in a range of media including acrylic paint, colored pencil, watercolor, pen & ink and photography.  Today Lori's focus is primarily acrylic on canvas and she continues to actively explore new subjects while creating new series of paintings.

Lori strives to capture a feeling and mood through her paintings, focusing on depth of color, light and shadow versus the intricate detail that can be found in her colored pencil drawings. She looks for objects and places that evoke a strong emotion.

While living in Canada she was immediately captivated by the calming effect of the Inuksuit figures that dot the landscape of northern Canada. The soothing spirit of these lonesome guides became a focal point for a series of paintings.

Lori is also drawn to the simplistic and somewhat spiritual presence of solitary trees in their natural habitat. Now that she has recently moved to Vermont, her journey to expand her mood-invoking paintings will draw upon the natural beauty of Vermont’s landscape.

Lori's original paintings have been displayed in galleries in San Francisco, Chicago, New York (including at the United Nations), Madrid, Spain and Ottawa, Canada. Her paintings are also in numerous private collections.

Additionally, Lori offers her artistic eye through a color consulting and interior decorating service with clients in Canada and the US. She continues her fine art painting and color consulting work now in Burlington, Vermont, where she lives with her husband and daughter.

She is available for commissioned artwork and you may also visit her online gallery to see a sampling of her work.

Lori may be contacted via e-mail at LYork@Lodestar2.com or via phone at +1-802-660-9675. 


Last modified: October 16, 2009