About Dan York - and weblogs

My weblogs (blogs) that are currently visible are:

Current weblogs

  • Disruptive Conversations - how the "social media" of blogs, podcasts, wikis, virtual worlds, etc. are changing the way we communicate
  • Disruptive Telephony - how Voice-over-IP (VoIP) is fundamentally changing the technology we use to communicate
  • Voxeo Weblogs - weblogs I write and maintain for my employer, Voxeo.
  • Voice of VOIPSA - a group weblog from the Voice Over IP Security Alliance on voip security issues
  • Blog.danyork.com - my personal weblog on random subjects... Vermont, programming languages, curling, Linux and more...

Older weblogs

  • This Old Globe - about collecting terrestrial globes, a hobby of mine.  Started as an experiment and seldom updated.
  • North of 45 (RSS feed)- Stories relating to living in Canada from the viewpoint of an American who moved north in 2000
  • My Advogato diary - My primary weblog May 2000 to June 2004

Others are still in development (or are private) and will be added here when the time is right to do so.

If you would like more background about me, the quick summary is that I am a writer... a teacher... presenter... instructor... trainer... guide... call it what you will - the truth is that what I enjoy doing the most in life is helping demystify complex subjects and helping people learn.  Helping people find new ideas, new tools, new modes of communication or perhaps even new ways of thinking.  Helping connect people - and in turn being connected to them through the sharing of ideas and information.  For more info, you can visit www.danyork.com where I have links to various articles, columns and books that I have written as well as other material. 


Last modified: February 01, 2010