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Because I speak at many conferences, I am often asked for a "bio" to put in conference marketing brochures. At the moment, I have the following versions. Given that many of the conferences I attend have a Linux/open source orientation, these are focused on that direction.

UPDATE:  09 September 2007 - These bios are in serious need of updating.  The best bio for me right now is over at the VOIP Security Alliance (VOIPSA): Dan York bio.

Very short

Dan York, CISSP, is the product line manager for Mitel Corporation's collaboration products and co-chairs Mitel's internal product security team.

Very short but personal

Dan York, CISSP, co-founded the Linux Professional Institute and is the product line manager for Mitel Corporation's collaboration products. He lives with his wife and daughter in Burlington, Vermont, USA.

Another short spin

Dan York is a product manager at Mitel Corporation and has brought products to market based on both Linux and Microsoft Windows and considers himself platform-agnostic with regards to product development. Certified both as an LPIC and MCSE, he is the co-author with Mark Minasi of "Linux for Windows Administrators" and writes frequently on related subjects..


Dan York (Burlington, Vermont, USA), CISSP, has 15 years of technical instruction and training experience and 20+ years with Internet and UNIX systems.  Dan has authored several books on Linux and networking,  written numerous articles for technical magazines and is a frequent speaker at technical and training conferences. He co-founded the nonprofit Linux Professional Institute, serves on the board of directors for Linux International and works as the product line manager for Mitel Corporation's collaboration products.

Very Long

Dan York (Burlington, Vermont, USA) has been a technical instructor and training manager within the corporate training industry for over 15 years. He studied Computer Science and German at the University of New Hampshire and pursued graduate work studying towards a Masters in Education. He has been working with the Internet and UNIX systems for 20+ years and PCs since the early Apple computers in 1977 . While his passion is with security and Linux, he has also spent several years working with Windows environments. He is both a Microsoft Certified System Engineer and Microsoft Certified Trainer and has also written books on preparation for the MCSE certification exams. Dan has authored multiple books on Linux and has written numerous articles for technical magazines. He has  spoken at various conferences within the training and IT industry and for some time was a member of the Certification committee of the Systems Administrators Guild (SAGE - a division of USENIX). A co-founder of the nonprofit Linux Professional Institute, he served as the organization's first President for almost three years. Today he continues to serve as a member of the Board of Directors for Linux International and is the maintainer (and co-founder) of the LinTraining web site He is employed by Mitel Corporation where he is the product line manager for their collaboration products, co-chair of Mitel's internal product security team and Mitel's representative to the new VoIP Security Alliance.

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