[29 Jul 00] Version 1.1 of viewportfolio is uploaded to the web site with some bug fixes.

[15 Jul 00] Dan finishes contributions to a book on Linux authored by Mark Minasi and to be available through Sybex this fall.

[25 Apr 00] Over the past weekend, we made many substantial changes to the web site, including:

[22 Feb 00] Uploaded version 0.4 of makefaq.

[2 Jan 00] Uploaded makefaq into our software area.

[20 Dec 99] Updated our online art gallery to include many newer works from Lori.  Added our new line of Snow Stars greeting cards and also the software section to our web site. Also updated the About section to have more information.

[17 Nov 99] QUE publishes Networking Essentials, Second Edition by Dan.

[16 Oct 99] Dan speaks about Linux certification at the Atlanta Linux Showcase.

[October 99] Dan signs a contract with O'Reilly & Associates to co-author a book with Michel Pelletier on Zope, a new Web development program.  The book will be finished in late 2000.

[13 Sep 99] Dan speaks on Linux training and certification at the ITTA "Strategies for Success '99-EMEA" conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

[1 Jul 99] Another article appears in Dan's series in the Linux Gazette on Linux certification.

[July 99] Dan has an article again on Linux certification in the July Linux Journal issue.

[June 99] Dan's article on Linux certification appears in the USENIX magazine ;login:

[October 98] Lori seriously injures her right shoulder and begins months of physical therapy and agonizing waiting.

[14 Jul 98] Online ordering is here!  Check out our Greyhound Greetings page where you can now order greeting cards through our site.

[1 Jul 98] Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 users can now subscribe to a channel for our web site to receive updates when our site changes.

If you are interested in the technical details of the evolution of our web site, you can visit our web update page.


Last modified: February 01, 2010