Networking Essentials Exam Guide, Second Edition

netess2.gif (6215 bytes) The Networking Essentials Exam Guide, Second Edition will be published in November 1999 by QUE Corporation. The ISBN number is 0789712658. You can obtain the book from your local bookstore or by visiting online bookstores such as

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FYI, some readers have written inquiring about whether the second edition of the book will match the "second edition" of the Networking Essentials exam from Microsoft.  We have confirmed with Microsoft that there is no second edition of the exam.   Microsoft came out with a second edition of their book (self-study course 578), but the exam is still the original exam. 

Also, readers of the book may be interested in also considering the Network+ certification offered by CompTIA. It is a single test where the objectives are very similar to what is covered by this Networking Essentials book.  There are a few additional subjects covered on Network+ (view the objectives on CompTIA's web site - you'll need to click on "Network+" and then "Objectives"), but it may be worth the extra studying to work on attaining another certification.

If you are looking to continue learning more about network troubleshooting, you should check out the Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide by Neal Allen from Fluke Corporation.  It's more information than you need for the MCSE Networking Essentials guide, but if you are planning to do more with networks, this guide is essential.  While tailored toward Fluke test equipment, the information is generic enough and thorough enough to help you troubleshoot networks.

Last modified: October 16, 2009

Last modified: October 16, 2009