Networking Essentials Exam Guide

The Networking Essentials Exam Guide was published in July 1997 by QUE Corporation. The ISBN number is 0789711931. You can obtain the book from your local bookstore or by visiting online bookstores such as

Note that QUE will be publishing a second edition of this book in November 1999. If you are looking for information about that book, please see the web pages for the second edition.

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FYI, some readers have written inquiring about whether a second edition of the book will come out to match the "second edition" of the Networking Essentials exam from Microsoft.  We have confirmed with Microsoft that there is no second edition of the exam.   Microsoft came out with a second edition of their book (self-study course 578), but the exam is still the original exam.  (And even after their second edition, the book still leaves a lot to be desired!)

If you are looking to continue learning more about network troubleshooting, you must check out the Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide by Neal Allen from Fluke Corporation.  It's more information than you need for the MCSE Networking Essentials guide, but if you are planning to do more with networks, this guide is essential.  While tailored toward Fluke test equipment, the information is generic enough and thorough enough to help you troubleshoot networks.

    "I wish I had read this book from Neal before I wrote the Exam Guide! It is superb! - Dan York"

[5/25/98] For your information, Dan York and Kurt Hudson (PPI technical editor on the NetEss Exam Guide) have teamed up again to write a coursebook for Productivity Point International called Troubleshooting the Ethernet LAN.  The course will be offered in ten different PPI locations and will offer the students to gather hands-on experience working with network test equipment from Fluke Corporation.  For more information, visit PPI's web site at and search for "Fluke".

Last modified: October 16, 2009

Last modified: October 16, 2009