Our Policy on Email Mailing Lists

We do not send spam. Period. End of story.  Our own personal inboxes are full of unsolicited junk e-mail that we receive from unethical companies who scavenge our e-mail addresses from web pages, newsgroup postings and other sources. We will not inflict the same pain on you.

When you provide your e-mail address to us, we will use it carefully and will guard it from misuse by others. We will only send very infrequent notices when we add new products or services.  The email list we maintain is a private list that is not maintained by automated programs such as listserv or majordomo. Only we can send e-mail to that list - and we promise not to abuse that privilege.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Dan York at dyork@Lodestar2.com  . Please also view our slightly longer privacy policy.

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Last modified: February 01, 2010